A book of recommendation.

Tendency analysis of the candle foot pattern

Introduce the Technique to perform a statistical analysis of the future of the stock with past enormous data. This book indicates the plain example which applied data mining in effectively.
(Author: Kouki Imoto)

Leave the luck to mathematics-Know-how to learn from probability, statistics

The book which handled the concept that was not avoided in investing at long-term spans such as Regression analysis, Poisson clamping (Finding a pattern to the thing with random characteristics).
(Author: Jeffrey S Rosenthal)

Statistics is the strongest study

The bestseller that the name is given at the very beginning when I searched it by "statistics." This book which commented on statistics being the study indicating "the best way."
(Author: Satoshi Nishiuchi)

Usable! Probabilistic thought

The book which commented on various probability about everyday life. It is easy to read this book to the person who is weak in mathematics.
(Author : Hiroyuki Kojima)

Mahjong to scientize

A mahjong tactics book in pursuit of how to shoot that had high expectation based on game data the past tens of thousands of game. It shows example that applied statistics to mahjong.
(Author : Totsugeki Tohoku)

Super Crunchers

The book which I analyzed a price of vintage wine change from statistics, and the analysis using the regression analysis introduced the examples that precision rose than the analysis of the expert of the specific field and explained data mining to in plain words.
(Author : Ian Airs)

Treasure chest of the data mining

The site that comments on the example which I apply technique of the data mining to equity investment, a British gamble (motorboat race) to navigate and managed in detail. It is interesting contents that this book includes data mining in a motorboat race and aims at the long-term black

Pachinko border line investigating group

The site that captures a Pachinko by an expectation theory mathematically. The theory can apply "the probability to fit in" to every other gambles.

Proof of the law of large numbers

Mathematical proof of the law of large numbers. This book proves why the probability that the list appears approaches 1/2 so as to wave a coin.
(Proof : Yoshiyuki Murayama)

Multiple regression analysis (wikipedia)



Expectation (wikipedia)



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