About Recruit

The person who is interested in an "analysis" "marketing theory and with the confidence for the analysis program of own, let's make "the analysis theory" that we took seriously to the maximum With us.

 ■About work contents
 Customized duties of the analysis program
 Development of the analysis program
 Plan, business of the new business development
 Direction of the overseas item
 Translation of the overseas item, interpreter
 Educational background no object, nationality no object (the person that operation is possible)
 A) PC and the cell-phone basic function
 B) English, Chinese (standard language, Cantonese)
 ■Office Hours
  (the summer and the winter season, holiday)
 A) More than 180,000 yen
 B) More than 200,000 yen *The bonus becomes up to the business results of the company
 ■Work location
 Our location

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