Development and operation of the upper version "zaipro" of "WINDEX"

We added a new analysis factor to the new index "WINDEX" of the horse race prediction which is released free in, and developed a higher version which improved further accuracy. We manage a horse race prediction site "zaipro" that provides users with with promising selection diagnosed as "best" according to the analysis situation of each race in two patterns of "focus on hitting percentage" and "focus on dividends".

Administration of The Horse Racing Analysis Site

We have developed a horse racing data analysis program that based on the "multivariate analysis" method that statistically handles multivariate data consisting of multiple independent variables (explanatory variables), 100% objective data is used to calculate the performance and expected values of racehorses. We run the horse racing expectation "the betting ticket management" to provide the analysis result of all races that JRA sponsors in order to produce "a betting ticket management theory" to let the positive balance converge by the betting ticket income and expenditure at a long-term span .

Development of new index "WINDEX" of the horse racing expectation

We developed a program to digitize high possibility that each horse ran fast in a race for the cause in five factors (basic ability level, lineage, development, run time, jockey and trainer) jointly with major company horse racing portal site "". As "WINDEX” which is a new index of the horse racing expectation not to depend on the popularity, we show complete free of charge in

Overseas Project

I offered an the naming license and engine of the data analysis logic of the horse racing race that accumulated in Japan to the Hong Kong company. In addition, we develop a new tool about the Hong Kong horse racing jointly.

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